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Nga Kaiako/Teachers

Ma Teariki Veiao (English)

Email: pteariki-veiao@ngatapuwae.school.nz

Ta Pereira (Food Tec, Maths)

Email: cpereira@ngatapuwae.school.nz

Ma Chapman (PE, Health, Drama)

Email: ochapman@ngatapuwae.school.nz

Ma Cassidy (Media Studies)

Email: hcassidy@ngatapuwae.school.nz


Panui/ Mahi Kainga

Nga mahi o Ururangi

Our aim in our hub is to work collegiality together to provide an opportunity for students to gain credits through a selection of achievement standards from different subjects and combine them through the work of one project. We have worked to our strengths to provide an opportunity for students to learn through our subjects as the specialised subject teachers we already have an advantage knowing what we are teaching. Obviously our priority is to ensure our students in our hub pass NCEA with endorsement and offer a broad overview for our juniors who show interest in these particular subject areas. We will offer a minimum of 14 credits in PE, Business, Media and Home Economics to ensure students can endorse in these particular subjects.


We have a basic understanding of what the students are interested in and have designed robust individual timetables to suit the student’s needs. We also want to offer more than just a school life experience with one of our focuses being Internships for our students and assisting them to gain a “real life” Experience. Through internships they will be able to get a feel of possible career opportunities and discover pre-requisites for these industries. One issue that would prevent our students from being successful would be access to resources, transport to and from internships and being successful in securing work placement opportunities. A way to prevent this could be providing HOP cards for travel, that way our students have the assurance of attending their internship. 

Nga Kaiako/Teachers

Ta Kotlowski (ART)
Email: akotlowski@ngatapuwae.school.nz


Ta Waetford (Wood Works Room)

Email: wwaetford@ngatapuwae.school.nz

Ma Maika (Te Reo Maori Year 11 -13)

Email: hmaika@ngatapuwae.school.nz


Ma Kotlowski (English & Senior HOD)

Email: zkotlowski@ngatapuwae.school.nz

Nga mahi o Tipu-a-rangi

Panui/ Mahi Kainga


Develop traits for success in life – determination, perseverance, grit…. 

Develop curiosity, nurture interests 

For students to drive their own learning, aim for innovation and creativity 

Authentic learning…..solving problems real people face 

Plus others which are still being formed and clarified 


Many ways to cater for student interests – twist on Extensions  

Cooking Focus on life skills - Multi level Y9-13! 

Crest –Year 11 – NEW – Home Economics credits offered! 

Crest – Y9-10 First time offered! 

Horticulture – life skills, practical, assessment opportunities – Multi level Y9-13! 

Technology – Carpentry/Electronic/Automotive projects Multi level Y9-13! 

Maori Kai – grow puha, watercress, kamokamo, rewena - Teacher project! 

Transpower Technology project – a real problem - with support.  Y9-11 First time offered! 


Key features of students programs 

Student voice and choice 

Aim for coherence and connectivity – Internships, subjects and standards - integrated 

Projects of significance  

Draw on community courses and relevant work experience to support and enhance learning 



Nga Kaiako/Teachers

Ma Bahar (Mathematics)

Ta Maika (Mathematics)

Ma Chester -Hubert (Mathematics & Science)

Ma Su (Mathematics, CREST)

Nga mahi o Uenuku

Panui/ Mahi Kainga

Our hub is made up of students with an interest in practicality.  We have many students who enjoy physical education and the outdoors.  We also have students who enjoy carpentry and trades, there are also students who enjoy music.   Our hub is also run by teachers who value practicality as well – Ta Maika and Ta Maera being the two main teachers. 

They are also assisted by Ta Robson, Ta Rangi and Ma Bahar


Ta Maika and Ta Maera take the majority of classes with the hub – this term the focus is SURVIVAL as well as Goal Setting.  Students are setting goals for the year and will work and reflect on these each day this year until these goals are achieved.   

With survival, students are learning different things about survival in Science and Hub time and will create a specific survival project by the end of the term that relates to an area of interest for them.  This may come from any aspect of survival such as fire, water, shelter, or food.   

  • An example is that students may wish to learn the best way to start a fire without lighter/matches.  So students will experiment with different types of wood and techniques to find the most efficient way – students will then have to include an aspect of math, English, Maori and science in the project.  So for science students might learn about how oxygen and/or friction affects the success of fire, for Maths they will experiment with angles.  They will then create a video showing how to best start a fire, they will speak Te Reo Maori and have an English translation. 


One of our aims is to make school enjoyable and meaningful so that students want to be at school.  As part of this we will do a few trips each term.  Our first trip is this Thursday and Friday where we will spend Thursday night and Friday day doing hands on activities around fire, water, shelter and food, as well as Rongoa.  This will allow students to then choose their area of focus for the project.   

Other aims we have within our hub is to help students to be confident when speaking, to think for themselves and be clear about what it is they are feeling.  With our senior students we want to expose them to many different careers as possible so they are then better placed to know what they want to do by the time they leave school.  So if any of our board members have the ability to have a student with you once a week or even just for a day to gain an insight into your career please let us know!

Hub 2 - Ma D'Cunha (2)