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Alert Level 4 Board Chair Report
(Updated 20 August 2021)

Tena koutou e te whanau o te Kura Maori o Nga Tapuwae. Kia kaha ra tatou.


Po Uiuitanga

There are a couple of things Id like to highlight here in recognition of the new format. Firstly, I like the ability to book times and the use of the QR system was easy (even for me) and provided surety around timings in our sometimes busy lives. Secondly, it was totally infectious to see the excitement of our little ones wanting to show off the work they have been studiously undertaking in their akomanga. This was a highlight for me and it became a welcome time filler as we awaited our turn to visit with our respective kaiako. Wehiwehi pai! Now the announcement of a movement to level 4 occurred simultaneously to the report evening. To this end a huge mihi to our kaiako and kaimahi as calmly they went around respective akomanga and announced that we have to prematurely close po ripoata. This is a nice reminder that calmness is also infectious. Maatua ma, again this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate calmness for our tamariki.  


Delta variant

It goes without further announcement that Delta is a more impactful variant to what we have previously experienced. I write this after the announcement that we will continue in level 4 for a further review next Tuesday 24th. We can all only hope for a seamless move from akomanga into on-line platforms. We also know that during the day our zooms, webexs, teams and whatever other platforms are offered are under incredible stress at the moment. A simple tip is turning the video feed off as this releases pressure on the system. I have also heard of conference calls being preferred recently. For our Kura we have hard copies as well as the on line options and so don’t need to totally rely on being able to connect. There are many fun things that are also educational that can be done in the home. Board games are coming out in the inclement weather and there’s always a book to read to build vocabulary and grammar. Above all, reside in the moment for a bit - If on-line doesn’t work for any reason, so be it. Students, be helpful. This time will be causing stress and pressure on your families. Many of the stresses we parents purposely keep from you in a very parental protective bid to shield you from some of the hardships that face us at this time. There are uncertainties and being helpful around the house goes a very long way indeed.


Whanau support

Whanau , we need your support please in online classes commencing from next week. Specifically we need our students to be ready to go at the time designated for them to start class. Lockdown  may be for an extended period and we don’t know what it will look like for us but having routine in place will be the best way to maximise their learning experience.


Tauira readiness

Regardless of year group professionalism and presentation are important tenets of our kura. Therefore , at your designated times be up and ready for your zoom classes . This means awake (no zooming from bed), washed, fed and mentally engaged . There are no excuses for not learning simply because it’s online learning . We experienced this last year and also didn’t accept excuses for non-engagement and commitment to study .



This is and remains a priority for us all. Be engaged in knowing yourself and your limits. You know your families best and what causes pressure and how you can help alleviate this. Talk to your partners who may be also at home (unless essential workers away from home) and figure out timings and how best to manage children and home. Be mindful of others commitments and be proactive in helping out.


Kaiako ma

Similar to last time we were in lockdown be cognisant of your commitments to your household and then your teaching times . It is difficult running a class online knowing you have your own children in the background also. This is a significant stressor and having your personal resilience strategies in place will help. This may be around strict times for emailing, strict times for class prep and reflection so as not to overcommit yourselves . Strategize for the long game and then be rewarded with robust protocols that work for you and your family .


Thank you

Kaiako ma, Thank you for your tireless efforts always. You are amazing people and fantastic educators often taken for granted. Matua ma, spare a kind thought for our kaiako and take some time every now and then to give a genuine mihi . It goes an incredibly long way .


Resumption of normal

Well that’s the biggest question. No one knows at this point. All we can say is take care of yourselves, take care of your families, take care of your friends. Stay in touch with those who may be lonely, have consciousness for those who struggle mentally and physically through this period. Be thankful for what you have, respect all, and have courage to work through this time without excuse for studies and commitment to our reo and tikanga.


Kia kaha tatou.

Scott Gemmell

BOT Chairperson

Tuarua Timetable Update (16 Oct)

Today changes to the tuarua timetable were made to suit staff and students better. Please find the amended timetable attached below

Tumuaki Lockdown Response
(Updated 20 August 2021)

Please find below a letter from our Tumuaki outlining all key information you and your child will require ahead of distance learning begining on Monday morning.

Take care, stay home, stay safe and stay well.

Level 4 Online Timetable (20 Aug)

Please find below the online Timetable for Kura Tuatahi and Kura Tuarua students:

Please ensure that all students adhere to the Zoom Etiquette rules outlined in the document below:

Lastly if you have any questions please read our FAQ file which has been attached below. If you do not find your answer in the document feel free to contact your Whare Ako teacher.

Tumuaki Lockdown Response (17 Aug)

Tēnā koutou e ngā Mātua,


As per the Prime Ministers announcement, all of Aotearoa will be going in to lockdown level 4 at 11:59pm tonight. Tamaki Makaurau  and Coromandel will remain at Level 4 for a minimum of seven days, with the rest of the country going into lockdown level 4 for three days at this stage.  I would like to thank parents who came into our parent evening and those who left in order for staff to return to their whanau to prepare for lockdown.  What a pity we weren’t able to fulfil our evening but I am sure that parents who did get to see student presentations and talk with staff would have felt great pride in the work undertaken to make tonight happen.


Our Board Chairperson and I, met with staff this evening and based on previous experience we have decided that it is best that for the next 7 days we all solely focus on keeping ourselves and our whānau well. The Ministry of Education has put a ban on any contactless distribution so the Kura is in full lockdown and no devices will be distributed for the next 7 days.


This will mean that there will be no set distance learning meetings, or online classes but we encourage students to work on tasks that they know to complete at this time.  I would encourage whanau to work on learning school waiata and other kaupapa that is readily available to our tauira and also hard copy work that have previously  been provided as it is all relevant.  The education channel will be back on for children to watch starting tomorrow.

Story time, Panui pukapuka, Whakapakari te Reo Maori, Mahi Pangarau has great value, but most importantly for whanau to take time just to be and enjoy each other as this strengthens our whanau base.


Once we near the end of the seven days and announcements are made, we will release another statement outlining our next steps and we encourage you to keep an eye on our website for updates.  Please be mindful that our staff also have children to care for and whanau to support but will try their best to support where possible.


In the meantime, stay home, stay safe and stay well.


Ngā manaakitanga,

Arihia Stirling


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